Does your company experience high staff turnover, low internal promotion rates and reduced career mobility?

Do you struggle to unlock talent and are your staff unaware of how to develop their career internally?

Does your employee survey indicate low levels of engagement?

Our team can help you!

CareerBurst is a digital platform offering regularly updated, clear, career guidance for employees, as well giving management the tools to help support career conversations and progression. It has been developed through a strategic partnership between TWM and Talent & Potential.

Providing outstanding career support is critical to promote home-grown talent, reduce turnover costs, build loyalty and minimise disruption within teams. Research shows that 50%1 of people on high potential programmes move on within five years. Reasons cited for leaving a company include: promotion, better pay, better development opportunities and career change2. To avoid losing talent, it’s essential to provide career support to retain the right people through excellent career management.

Why should you choose CareerBurst?

Talent & Potential’s in-depth research with over 2,000 people unearthed the secrets to what successful people do to drive and accelerate their own careers.

Although 86% of employees believe that successful people stay with organisations for five years or less, Talent & Potential’s research busts this myth – showing that high flyers, in fact, stay in organisations for an average of 10 years. The research has identified over 70 valuable daily career tools that will accelerate an internal career. This vital insight is at the core of CareerBurst.

Developed to be used either as a standalone platform, integrated into TWM’s learning platform or within an existing LMS, CareerBurst will help you to:

  • Retain employees – with practical tools, clear guidance and regularly updated content to empower individuals to take control of their own development and career planning. The foundation of a great career is clarity around individual strengths. Help employees identify key strengths so that managers and connections can highlight internal career opportunities.
  • Engage employees – by enabling line managers to hold better career conversations. A commitment to each employee’s career shows them that you truly value them in the organisation and improves the employee experience. This is a guided journey, offering targeted and tailored support to help employees reach their goals. Thought-provoking content and interactive exercises will help steer career direction and clarify actions needed.
  • Develop a self-driven growth culture – by increasing organisational flexibility, building relationships and allowing people to take control of their career and their development – with support from their allies – to keep them motivated and on-track. CareerBurst helps people understand the career tactics that will accelerate their career.
  • Achieve a return on investment – both financial returns and increased retention delivered by people gaining career and development momentum. Keeping them in the organisation and helping them grow and progress avoids needless recruitment costs and means more roles are filled from within. Our digital learning experiments, which stimulate people to experiment with new behaviours in the workplace resulted in 32% increase in high-flyer skills in just six months.

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Career content

Most online career support is generic, information-heavy and static. CareerBurst turns that on its head: our content is tailored, easy to access, based on sound evidence and regularly refreshed.

CareerBurst is designed to help employees find, or create, the right opportunities that release their talents. The platform is available on desktop, tablet and mobile and is made up of different elements:

Employees’ career development support

Help employees find clarity on their next career move and get career development right:

Managers and mentors’ career development support

Help managers and mentors wrestling with succession planning, team morale or ways to reduce churn and recruitment costs:

Career conversations

A great way to progress your career is to have a conversation with your manager, a mentor, or someone from another part of the business. It is vital for employees to drive their own careers, so we provide full support to make it easy for them to set this up.

With CareerBurst, employees can focus on the kind of conversation they want, initiate conversations with a range of people, and have access to expert questions and career tactics that ensure a productive discussion. They can have a face-to-face conversation or chat online if they are in a global or dispersed team.

How can managers become career experts?

CareerBurst allows managers, who are not career development experts, to hold constructive, helpful and focused career conversations that meet individual needs. It prompts pre-meeting thinking, makes it easy to focus rapidly on the most relevant topics, and supports each conversation with expert questions that act as thought provokers. There are six sets of 12 career tactics, inspired by our research, that aid self-driven career development. A career plan is built and shared online, so that both parties can see the conversation and action plan.

Career workshops

CareerBurst workshops complement the CareerBurst platform and are facilitated by Talent & Potential, which has a track record of 100% excellent or good ratings. Results show that attendees achieved a sustained change in behaviour; participants showed a 23% increase in the use of self-directed career tactics typical of successful people, just three months after the workshops. These include strategies for shaping jobs, making sideways and development moves and CV building, as well as promotion-related activities. Talent & Potential also helps managers focus on strengths within their team with its award-winning Think Strengths workshop and tools.

One-day career management workshops are available for individuals and managers and have been used to train all managers at a major financial institution from first line supervisors to the COO, as well as Nationwide Building Society and Royal Mail.

FAQs - CareerBurst

Although we offer a full suite of core functions and content that have evolved through our extensive experience with a variety of clients, sometimes an off-the-shelf solution will not solve your problem. Our developers can work with you to meet your bespoke requirements. We can also recommend content from our carefully selected content partners.

Yes. You can host your SCORM materials by uploading your SCORM 1.2 or 2004 courses to our easy to use administration system. This allows you to manage entitlement as well as track score and progress data.

Yes, you can mix content and activities into a single pathway. Pathways are a guided route through all the material and actions required for a programme. Our clients use this feature extensively for on-boarding and apprenticeship programmes as it allows them to weight items, set target dates and automate certificates. Content is easily searchable and learners can upload examples of applied learning, creating their portfolio of evidence to support progression.

Our platform has been developed to provide engaging and optimised delivery to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The responsive mobile platform optimises the suitable parts of the desktop functionality to allow users anytime, anywhere access to learning.

To support a blended learning approach, we work with clients to deliver custom eLearning content that is instructionally sound, engaging and memorable.

We have a robust qualification process to understand your business need and learning objectives. This insight feeds into the solution design to provide the best eLearning content within your budget, incorporating a wide range of interactions, assessments and media.

Rapid or custom options are available to include HTML, HTML 5 and Flash using eLearning software Captivate and Articulate.

The learning record identifies the areas that an individual will focus on developing over the course of the next year, the activities planned, and the resources needed. Line managers have full visibility of this and can provide support. Reports can be created to summarise user activity over a defined time. Dashboard views show progress at team and individual levels and is split by learning material activity type, such as ‘mandatory’ or ‘requiring recertification’, so in one dashboard you can track how your team is progressing and be alerted to any potential issues.

We offer a flexible pricing structure that is based on your individual needs. You can pick and choose the elements that are right for your business, keeping it simple for your learners and for your budgets!

Whether you want something that is available to everyone in your organisation or is limited to specific groups, we can work with you to find the right solution.

Our learning experience platform is built using a modular approach. This means, each solution can be tailored with a range of features to suit immediate needs. Many of the modules, are available as standard, but other elements can be added, such as the Event Booking System, which helps individuals take ownership for their personal development and simplifies administration, or our policy document tool that allows you to track downloads and user sign off.

Our system lets you seamlessly mix our content and functions with yours and any other third-party content to enable you to fully leverage your L&D budget all from one single learning platform.

The system facilitates formal courses such as events, eLearning, pathways and exercises as well as capturing collaborations or providing ideas and activities for people to experiment with on the job.

Yes, learning pathways help to deliver and rollout a structured learning programme to suit each audience – whether for specific roles, departments, teams or individuals. You can mix and match content from your library to create a learning pathway and deliver a varied and flexible learning experience. An unlimited number of learning pathways to be created for:

  • Induction and on-boarding
  • Qualifications and certification
  • Leadership and management training
  • Sales training
  • Technical training
  • Career and role development
  • Compliance training
  • Outplacement support
  • Recruitment training.

This goes beyond traditional training options and makes development relevant and cost effective, as well as ensuring a better balance of activities in line with the 70:20:10 principle.

You can mix your content with ours and any third-party content, so everything is in one handy place. Simply host your created content - video, audio, article as well as your SCORM files and effortlessly blend with your curated content. You can also link to external sources, or your third-party content providers, embed a video or feature your learners’ posts.

Our platform has been developed by learning and development experts to maximise user engagement; it is a great place to be curious and interact. Through the learning communities, employees can discover, ask questions, share content, ideas, thoughts, good practice and experiences to develop and share personal learning throughout the organisation. They can create topics, post, share, like and reply and even earn points for collaborating. Trainers can use the space to engage with learners, provide support to closed groups or facilitate pre and post course activities.

High user engagement is also achieved through TWM’s account management support, knowledge and experience and this means we can give advice on how you can get the best out of the platform.

The experience is very intuitive, with a clear user interface and easy access to content. Integrations at a system and content level, give users access to every platform from within TWM’s platform.

The different styles of learning the system allows encourages user-engagement. Employees can search for individual content and browse content by categories. The connected nature of the content means that once you’ve finished one piece, you can easily find something related and delve deeper. There is also easy access to your compliance training.

TWM’s platform allows people to build their own training plan, track its progress and share it with their line manager.

Yes, our learning experience platform can be stand-alone, or integrated with existing learning technologies into a single online learning solution. If you need to integrate with existing systems - such as HRIS, LMS or third-party tools like 360 or Performance Appraisal - we can do this quickly and cost effectively. This allows you to give access to all your systems from one single platform and employees only have to remember one username and password. You can mix content from multiple platforms and display to a delegate on one page and even pull reporting data into a single dashboard.

Yes, consultancy is an integral part of our service. We are problem solvers; it’s not just about the platform. We work closely with clients to form long-term relationships that help shape and identify requirements for an integrated online learning solution. Our team aims to fully understand business goals and provides consultancy about the best ways to align your business processes and people development agenda to your defined business need.

The starting point of any project is taking the strategic objectives and identifying how our learning and development platform will help your employees achieve this. We drill down to agree tangible measures of success. These measures are then built into the tracking and reporting module.

Every client has a dedicated account manager who takes full responsibility for successful roll-out. After day one launch, we continue to work closely with clients, using a phased approach to enhance and evolve the platform as the needs of the organisation change.

We work in partnership with clients to put the right team in place to help you succeed with your business goals and maximise the learner experience.

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