Learning and development

8 Ways To Nurture and Retain Talent in an Uncertain Future

As the host of a recent webinar ‘Carving Out Time For Your Career’ it struck me that in the current market, helping employees with career progression should be at the top of every board’s agenda.   When it comes to surviving the future, 77%[1] of CEOs cite a lack of key skills as the biggest

Lessons from Lockdown Leaders Conference

  “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein On the 23rd of March 2020, the nation tuned-in to hear the prime minister make a statement on the national fightback against the Coronavirus. In this twenty-minute address, it became clear that the immediate fate of our nation rested on two words: ‘National Lockdown.’ In

Taking strength from weakness

Chief Executive of The Working Manager, Managing Director of iRIS Health Solutions Ltd. If you’ve sat through a performance review or appraisal recently, it’s likely there was some discussion around ‘development areas’ or ‘areas for improvement’ — yours or your employees. But why all the euphemisms? It seems that calling out flaws has become so

On breaking out in the outbreak

Chief Executive of The Working Manager, Managing Director of TWME8 and iRIS Health Solutions Ltd. Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. While accepting change, grieving for what’s lost and facing uncertainty is difficult, this moment of pause offers us a chance to reflect and rethink our lives. As Josh Bersin says, it’s ‘a

Make working from home work for you

Having ‘worked from home’ for over ten years, I’d like to think that I’ve mastered it (otherwise I’m sure my boss would have had a word with me by now). Below are my tips and experience with the explicit caveat that everyone is different, please take what you can from this to help you to

Learning from home

Working from home has been an integral part of life for a growing number of us over the last few years. Whether this is a normal part of our role or due to changing circumstances this type of working provides several well recognised pros and cons. The advantages of productivity gains due to fewer interruptions,

The Power of Personalising Learning

Whatever learning ecosystem you have in place, it’s all about driving opportunities to connect individuals with the learning they need, whenever they need it and from any device. This helps to get learners efficiently to what they personally need to be ‘job-ready’ whilst importantly allowing them to fit mandatory training around their unique and busy

How are you ‘future readying’ and embracing digital change and transformation?

Last week we ran our first thought-leadership event in collaboration with Talent & Potential; Developing people and transforming business in a digital age. In my previous blog I discussed how digital transformation is affecting all businesses. Through this event, we aimed to provide a forum to discuss its impact on the L&D function, as well